Travis Gray
Travis Gray,  Pastor, the Church at Bee Cave. Singer/Songwriter, Evangelist.

Travis Gray started in prison ministry in January of 1999 shortly after he had received Christ on October 17, 1998 at the age of 33.  Travis’ ministry started inside the dark and evil walls of San Quentin prison.   However, he was not a volunteer.  He himself was an inmate wanting to get out.  Twenty plus years later and for the past 12 years Travis has been serving with the God of Hope Ministries and visits on a regular basis prisons here in Texas, teaching and encouraging others to go into prison.

Travis’ father, an alcoholic left home when he was very young.  His mother raised the children as she attended school and started a new life and career.  There were difficult times as his mother attended school and they looked for a place to live.  Travis knew what it was to be poor and struggle, he was determined to be rich.

Travis left home at the age of 18 and headed to the Silicon Valley to make his fortune. Through hard work and perseverance, he achieved that goal at a very young age. Traveling around the world making large amounts of money as a Director for a semiconductor equipment company, he thought he had finally reached his destiny. However, Travis’ journey had only just begun. After years of finding his identity in his income and job title, tragedy struck, and he suddenly found himself in Prison.  Losing everything he had worked so hard for brought Travis to the real thing he needed in his life- a relationship with Jesus Christ.

While in prison, Travis attended Oral Roberts University through correspondence and studied Christian counseling.  On January 23, 2002 Travis was released from prison.  In 2003 Travis founded the R&R recovery ministry at Peninsula Bible Church in Palo Alto California.  He then joined the staff at PBC as the Recovery Pastoral intern.   He did a two-year intern program and sat under the teaching of many great pastors, including Gordon Fee studying the book of Galatians.  After being on staff at PBC for 3 years, Travis was called back into the hi-tech field and was the North American Director for LTX/Credence.  Wondering if he should continue in Corporate America, Travis cried out to God and heard move to Austin.   He and family moved to Lakeway Texas in 2007, he then joined the God of Hope ministries, has been serving with them since 2008 and is currently a board member.  In 2013, Travis was ordained into the ministry and is now serving as the pastor for the Church at Bee Cave.  In 2018, Travis Gray joined the Prison Ministries of Texas team.