Matt Thomas
Pastor Matt Thomas, Founder & Director of Firm Foundations Ministries

Before giving himself entirely to Christ, Matt Thomas lived a life filled with drugs and alcohol. He grew up in a transient family moving from city to city and school to school. Due to the nature of that lifestyle, struggles with addiction, and abuse, he engaged in criminal activity, which led to multiple arrests and incarceration.

After Christ found him, Matt felt the call to start a reentry home after he began mentoring men in the Kansas Dept. of Corrections and Firm Foundations was born. Today, Matt oversees six reentry homes in three cities. He has planted five churches in two prisons and two churches outside. Matt also partners with other reentry ministries who offer programs in prisons and work to assist people with reentry.

Matt’s experiences and expertise make him a well sought after consultant to churches and ministries interested in effective prison ministry models and reentry strategies. His singular passion is to empower leaders who will plant churches, make disciples, and develop leaders to walk out the call of God on their lives while teaching others to do the same.

Matt and his wife Christina live in Kansas City with their two handsome boys, Hunter and Joshua, and have two and a half grandbabies!