Prison ministry has evolved and any one of the following areas of ministry is part of prison ministry.
Please partner with us to make sure that your church is doing at least one of these ministries on a sustainable basis!
  • In-prison Chapel Services
  • Evangelism Events
  • Intercessory Prayer for ministries and the incarcerated
  • Weekly Bible Study at a prison or at the local jail
  • Support one or more prison ministries financially
  • Church members who volunteer with local ministries as mentors, instructors, and disciples
  • Participate in community events (resource/job fairs)
  • Develop a church-based reentry ministry
  • Advocate for change by becoming a Second Chance church, by mobilizing support for justice that restores
  • Host a Celebratory Recovery program
  • Create a formal prison and reentry ministry by appointing a full-time associate pastor who is formerly incarcerated

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