Serving in the name of Jesus Christ
Austin’s leading Christian prison ministries have banded together to engage with local churches and volunteers to rehabilitate and renew those impacted by crime throughout Texas. Join us for a day focused on how to implement and improve effective prison ministry programs. Attend this free conference for Pastors and lay Church leadership, casting a vision and practical steps for every congregation to participate in prison ministry.
Thursday November 7, 2019
Join us in activating the Church and educating members about prison ministry
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PMOT is a voluntary collaboration of independent Christian Prison Ministries with the common desire to rehabilitate and renew those impacted by crime.

Vision:  seamless Christian prison ministry cooperation and interaction engaging with local churches and volunteers to rehabilitate and renew those impacted by crime throughout Texas

Mission: to build and nurture a network of Christian prison ministries to present conferences promoting engagement in prison ministry.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to activate the Church, promote greater unity, motivate leaders and energize members about the exciting benefits of prison and reentry ministry.

Who Should Attend

Senior pastors, associate pastors, men’s/women’s pastors, outreach pastors, discipleship pastors, mission pastors  and members of your congregations with a heart for prison ministry. Everyone with an interest in serving. Political and prison leadership are also invited.

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Why This Event Will Be Unique

Never before have major prison ministries banded together to promote a broad definition of the prison ministry opportunity. We believe that if church leaders can catch the vision of modern, broadly-defined prison ministry opportunities, they will commit to the ministry in a long-term, sustainable way.

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What We Offer to Attendees

Five different themes, from traditional “inside” prison ministry to reentry to political reforms will be woven together into a powerful day of unity and vision-casting. The event will culminate with a call to action that the entire Body of Christ can pursue.

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Get Connected. What’s Your Next Step?

Help us promote greater unity in the Church and increase awareness for prison ministry.

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Our goal is a 0% recidivism rate (no returns to prison) throughout Texas.

“…activating the Church, motivating leaders and energizing members about the exciting benefits of prison and reentry ministry”

"...When he saw the crowds, he had compassion on them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd..."

"…remember those in prison…"